How to Become An Electrician

This website is about how to become an Electrician - written

This website will not make you an Electrician; your journeyman and the Trade School will do that, but before you go there reading this site will give you an excellent idea of what an Electrician does day in and day out!

Do You Want To Be An Electrician?

You probably found this site by searching on the internet and therefore have already come to the conclusion that you would like to work in the skilled trades.

Of all the skilled trades why become an electrician?

We know being an electrician it is not for everyone but as electricians ourselves we love the job. We like to call it a thinking trade. Electricity is inherently dangerous and electricians must understand the job thoroughly in order to work with and manage this awesome force that supports so much of our world.

So in this site we're going to provide a complete Electrician Job Description; what you do and where you do it. The types of tools you use and with whom you will be working with and for.

We're also going to list all the Electrician Apprentice Pre-requisites and yes there are some catches in this list. We hope you took Algebra! Also there will be an extensive explanation of the Apprenticeship process from both the Independent Electrical Contractors point of view and the IBEW (Union) point of view. We're not taking sides but providing the information for you to decide which way to go.

We will discuss Electrician Types (areas of specialty). The current labor market salaries for Electricians will be listed plus what the future holds for the trade and finally all the fine print. Yes an explanation of Licensing, Regulations, the National Electrical Code book and Professional Development for Journeymen (just when you thought it was over).

Finally we will provide a number of articles on Basic Electrical Concepts (in layman's terms). A sort of 'things you will learn' area. Not meant to teach you but more to open your mind to new concepts that are really an everyday thing for trained electricians.

Almost everything requires electricity to run; your car, house, boat, the building you work in or equipment you run, and on and on. Without electricity it is just a pile of metal. Electricians make all of this work. They build and maintain the electrical systems in the plants that build the cars, boats and other equipment we use every day. They also wire up our homes using their years of training, experience and detailed electrical codes that provide a safe environment for us and our children.

So read on and see if the Electrical Trade is right for you.

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