How electricity gets into your house

Electrical Service - How Electricity Gets Into Your Home

The electricity that powers your home gets to you via an enormous power grid running throughout the country. That is the easy answer but what part is the responsibility of the electrician. Well all of it to be honest.

First the power company employs electricians who are skilled at working with high voltage. The most efficient way to transmit electricity is to step it up to a high voltage before sending it down the wires and once it is near your house stepping it down to a workable and reasonably safe voltage before bringing it into your service panel. The step up and down are done with transformers.

The residential electrician is responsible to provide the connection wiring just outside the house which is the large wires that the power company connects to. This service can be via overhead wires running to just underneath the eves of your house where they then go into a metal pipe called conduit which takes them to the service panel. Service from the electrical company can also be underground and all you see is the metal conduit coming out of the ground and up to your electrical meter.

Either way the residential electrician must put together the connection wiring which leads to the meter location and then down to the service panel. The power company will connect to the house and install the meter after the building inspector has signed off on the electricians work.

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So you can see that throughout the complete process an electrician is involved. They work in the power generators, transmission facilities and power distribution companies and then wire the house where the power is used. Of course they also work in all the industries that also use the power. Every area is unique in some way but all these highly trained people start with the basic process of an apprenticeship.