Electrical Safety and Training Required to become an Electrician

Electrical Safety

What makes electricity so dangerous is the fact that you can't see it, taste it or smell it. Our standard sensory abilities don't give us the ability to perceive the danger, but in our modern world it is definitely there.

Electricians must fully understand all facets of their work and this most powerful of forces. But electricity is just one of many dangers on a work site. Energy is energy and comes in many forms. Mechanical, gravity, hydraulic, pneumatic, static and chemical energy to name a few, can and often are present in modern industrial work sites. A fully trained electrician will be aware of these forces and the procedures to protect him or herself from them.

electrical safety

As an electrician you can never let your guard done. After a lifetime of working with electrical energy in all its forms, from complex electronic circuit boards nested inside aircraft flight control boxes to 90,000 volt Oil Controlled Breakers and its’ associated switchgear I have learned to have a healthy respect for this energy. Am I scared of it; in a word no, but I am always respectful of it.

This respect shows in many ways. First and foremost I never assume something is electrically dead (no energy to bite me). Even when I know that someone else is working on it I still check. I still individually lock out each device regardless of the number of locks on it.

These habits have been formed over a lifetime of experiences: equipment still electrically energized while others were working on it; switches that I was assured were off were in fact on; storage devices supposedly disconnected or discharged (batteries and capacitors) still charged up and on and on. My diligence even when tired, wet, cold and in a hurry has saved me time and again. That diligence came from good training by great tradesmen and when I have made mistakes I was lucky enough to not get hurt or worse. The mistakes I made I never made twice because this is a trade where you do not get second chances.

Can you do the job safely and well? Absolutely because ten of thousand of electricians do both of those things every day.